AVANIA Games Complete overview by Windows of Crypto

AVANIA games overview by Windows of Crypto

“Avania is a blockchain game which is different from other traditional online games because of the ‘play-to-earn’ concept. Everyone in the world can enjoy the game while also experiencing a new way of making some income.”

First, let’s take a little closer look at “what is the AVANIA game?”

The main story of this game comes from the “Aether”, which is a player avatar on the AVANIA planet who has the ability to master “Guardians” by owning a “Nexus”, which is an in-game item that comes in the form of NFTs to fight their enemy called “Androids” or fight other players.

Maybe the story of AVANIA games sounds quite familiar to you with many of the games you can find out there. So, maybe some question comes up in your head now :

“Well, it’s sounds like any ordinary NFT game, right? So where does the fun come from if the game is the same as others? What so interesting at this game?”

Hang on, gamers. To answer your curiosity, let’s dig more and seek out what we’ve found so far about AVANIA.

What makes Windows of Crypto bring AVANIA to the community to look at this games?

One of many reasons why we are bringing these articles to you is that apart from the “earning side” in this play to earn era that this game have, this game offers a unique-team battle with its game concept that uses brand new semi-deck building, plus, the “Nexus” NFT is very unique.

Lets take a look more deeply into their game concept and their NFT asset in the game to find more interesting point of AVANIA now.


If you ever played Axie before, maybe you will easy to understand of how AVANIA game concept looks like. But, it’s not the same. In this segment we will reveal why this games totally different from other games with their semi-deck building concept and their unique-team NFT building concept.

In the AVANIA universe, there is a magic stone that Aether (player) can craft to become a Nexus, a precious NFT item like a wand, ring, crown, etc., that is used to summon Guardians into the battlefield. Each Nexus contains a combination of five Guardians that cannot be altered or changed. And each of the five guardians combination will never be the same as the others in every Nexus. At least in every Nexus, there will be one guardian in the combination that is different from the others.

explanation about NEXUS

This is interesting, why? In their first-generation guardians, there will be 5 out of 64 guardians contain in every Nexus that makes more than 7 millions possibility, 7 millions combinations of guardians contain in every Nexus. Let’s imagine, you have a Nexus which nobody could have the same. It can be possibly become most valuable one day because it is essentially exclusive, no one has the same.

Guardians design, elemental and species

If you see any others NFT games, you might see same monster NFT which duplicates all skill or attributes from other monster NFT in their games. Therefore, it isn’t unique, it is just a different object with all the same characteristics.

With what we found so far in AVANIA in-game NFT concept building, the Nexus NFTs, this just makes the games themselves really interesting. If we look into any other games that focus on bringing “Meta” in every season, it can make players get bored with the game and quit the game quite fast because they always have to play the same way with their opponents, again and again. This Nexus NFT unique team-building strategy will make players more challenged by the game because each player will have to find the best way to play with each Nexus. Yes, because it is one of a kind and it brings an extremely higher chance that players will encounter different playstyles in each match.

Beside that, each Nexus has its lifespan. Each Nexus has its own capacity limit to earn NOVA (what is NOVA? Read more to know what is NOVA) . When the NFT reaches its limit, players will no longer be able to earn NOVA by playing the game. However, that NFT can still be used to play the game. As a bonus, Aurora guardians (again, what is this? Read more ) will increase the maximum capacity of the Nexus to earn NOVA. Unearnable Nexus will become earnable Nexus once again after the player spends some GOA (NOVA, GOA, Aurora guardians?? Enjoy your read to know more) and/or burns some unearnable Nexus as a cost to reactivate it.

Getting a little excited now, buddy? That is not all why we bringing this article for you. Lets dig more deeply into their gameplay and mechanics now.

Semi-Deck building concept.

Avania semi deck building concept. (left) image of Aether Card — (right) image of Guardians Cards

Semi-deck building is a new deck building game concept that each player have to modify strategy deck (Aether card deck) to bring out the best result from imperfect main deck (Guardian skill deck).

In Avania, each Nexus come with an individual deck of guardian card and each card cannot be altered. But players can freely select which aether card they will bring to the battle.

So what is Guardian card and Aether card????

Guardian Card (skill card)

Guardians cards image

We have know that every Nexus NFT contain different combinations of 5 guardians on it. But you need to know too, that every Guardians species have 6 different skills or in this AVANIA games called Guardians cards. Every species of Guardians have 6 Guardian Cards that can be recognized but each of guardians only able to hold 4 skills (4 guardian cards). Each guardian possesses 4 skills, 2 copies each. Guardian with the same species but come from different Nexus may not possess the same skill.

So, in summary, there are 40 cards that come with each Nexus. Moreover, those 40 cards cannot be altered because you cannot alter guardian in a Nexus.

Also this card has several things you need to know to better play this games. You can see this Guardian Card anatomy here in this image below :

guardians cards anatomy

Aether Card (strategy card)

image of Aether Cards

This strategy card is more like ability card which can swing the game each round. This cards also contain mana that every player generate each round. At the set up phase or before the battle, You can select which 8 of Aether cards that you will bring into the battle. Therefore, you can customize the Aether card deck to benefit each individual Nexus, or guardian combination.

To be noted, Aether card is not included with the guardians once you own Nexus. You can unlock it during the game. 8 basic Aether cards will be available since the beginning of the game for every players. But player can spend NOVA to unlock more tactical Aether card in the game shop.

Are you getting more curious now?

Lets dive into the battle play of this AVANIA.

battle scheme in AVANIA games

(phase 0) At first start of the battle, players need to summon 3 Guardian that they have from Nexus they owned into the battlefield. Players only can summon 3 Guardians and 2 remaining Guardians will wait in Nexus, but they may support with their passive ability. If any guardian in battlefield is defeated you can summon the remaining guardians left in your Nexus.

Battle postition of Guardians

To be remember, A battlefield on one player’s side will be divided into 3 rows and 3 lines (Frontline, Midline, and Backline). Each row can have only 1 guardian, but each line can have more than 1 guardian.

(phase 1) Player need to choose 1 Aether Card at the start of each round in a battle to swing the game advantage toward that player’s side with ability that the card have and generate how many mana that you can get that has determine on every Aether Card itself. You can’t use an Aether card that has already been used in that game. But this condition will reset every 8 rounds.

(phase 2) Player can spend mana to play the Guardian Card (skill card) to attack or defend from their enemy. But player also can store their mana to play the guardian cards in the next round with a big combo if they prefer to. Remember every guardian card have different mana cost and skills (see guardian anatomy image at above).

(phase 3) Well this is when the battle happen. Enjoy it!.

(phase 4) You win the game when you defeat 3 or more enemy guardians. Or you lose when you don’t have any guardian left in your Nexus.

Quite simple isn’t it? But if you don’t practice and not build your best strategy, you will lose by your opponent. So, in other words, this game is not the “click to earn” game who attracts players by its income intensive rather than entertainment service.

Avania introduces easy-to-understand gameplay but has a high depth of content to master. This is a good solution in this blockchain gaming era, where many games are just a click to earn style without providing better gaming, fun, and competitive experiences.

Maybe now this question come up in your mind :

Oke, the gameplay looks good to me, but i want more. What other features that AVANIA has? And you still not share to us what is NOVA, GOA and AURORA Guardians

Haha, oke lets take deep more into AVANIA features have now.

As you can read above the gameplay quite interesting to play, this also being supported by some feature that AVANIA has such as :

Aurora Guardians

An Aurora Guardian is a superrare guardian who stands out from all other normal guardians. This type of guardian provides you with the ability to increase the maximum capacity of the Nexus to earn NOVA.


The place to buy / sell your Nexus. And because the guardian cannot be altered between the team, Avania provide a filter engine for players to use in order to find their dream team within a single nexus.

Legendary Auction

Pre-built legendary nexus containing at least one legendary guardian created specifically for the auction. That guardian will have a unique skill animation that none of the normal guardians possess.

Elemental Advantage

As you can read at the image above, guardians build in 8 species and 12 element which every element is weak and stronger than other element. Which makes the game more challenging.

Council Artifact

council artifact image explanation

Council Artifact is another type of NFT that use for govern game direction and earn reward from staking pool. So yes for everyone who ask a DAO aspect and Staking in AVANIA, it serve. The way you can get this Council artifact is combined unearnable Nexus NFT with GOA token.

Metaverse Aspect

metaverse image concept in AVANIA

This is the interesting part also in AVANIA, you can taste the metaverse aspect in the game with land feature. For a land owner, it will benefit you with several things such as :

 Develop property to increase productivity.

 Build teams to guard the land from androids ( or even other aethers.)

 The more android in the land, the more resource is diluted.

 Earn a weekly productivity.

For players who dont own a land in Avania metaverse you still can get a taste of metaverse play by :

 Wonder around the Avania world to help land owner eliminate androids.

 Player can take a role as a bad aether who invade other player’s land to steal their weekly productivity.

And that just not all features that AVANIA has. This game also support E-SPORT, Scholarships program, and Ranking system which will benefit top 100 players at the rank with GOA token.

Lets take a little closer into their game ecosystem now.

Avania issuing 2 token which is GOA (Gem of Aether) and NOVA in their game ecosystem. See the image below.

GOA token utility explanation

Maybe if you ever played Axie before, GOA its similiar like AXS and NOVA as it SLP, but both of GOA and NOVA has different uses case. Quite similiar but different.

In AVANIA, DAO aspect is determine buy the power of Council Artifact, the other NFT that comes from combined unearnable Nexus + GOA token. Also the staking features is comes from the Council artifact too. This make the game ecosystem more unique and more balanced in our opinion, because its combined the Nexus NFT that have a lifespan, which is the main NFT that needed to play the game and this GOA token who have power to reactivate thats unearnable Nexus NFT.

NOVA token utility explanation

NOVA token only can be earn by playing the game. With so many uses cases like craft Nexus, unlock Aether card skill, and etc, this make NOVA token very valuable in the game same as GOA token.

To understand more about the game ecosystem see the image below.

AVANIA game ecosystem chart

Feels more excited now?

Let see about GOA token allocation in the image below:

GOA token allocation
GOA token distribution

see our Moonsheet for AVANIA games below :

moonsheet design of GOA by Windows of Crypto — data record at 8th Dec, 2021

With total supply only 230M of GOA and initial market cap less than 300K USD, with so many uses cases that GOA token have in the AVANIA universe, in our opinion, its easy for GOA token get more than 100x ROI from its public sale when the game has launch.

Why? Not only because some point that we have mentioned about this game above but also several things that make us sure this token going like sky rocket because several things we will write down below. So keep reading.

In this play-to-earn gaming blockchain era, there are so many problem in blockchain games one of the most problem is “META” problem that makes players get bored to fight with their opponent in same styles. Thanks to AVANIA who solve this problem with their Unique-team building NFT concept. The Nexus NFT concept.

Also so many blockchain gaming pop up in 2021 but they not offer a “fun and competitive experienced to play” for their players, some of them just focus in “earning side” not balance with the “fun experienced” that games need to have for long survive. So many blockchain games dies because of this issue.

In AVANIA, we can see that the game offer better entertainment experience with competitive challenged and it makes the games will more survive than other games in blockchain right now.

One thing left in the gaming blockchain industry problem is, just in 2021, The ‘Play-to-Earn’ trend become extremely popular. Unfortunately, all blockchain games are blamed to be Ponzi Scheme. For many reasons, players need to have at least one NFT to participate in most of the blockchain games. Moreover, only the current player can supply it to a new player. In addition, the blockchain game has a high liquidity function as it involves cryptocurrency. Even if the game creator doesn’t intend to create it as a Ponzi tool, the model enables the player to make it become a Ponzi tool anyway. If the player can’t really earn money from another model except supplying the in-game item to a new player, the game can’t refuse that it is not a Ponzi tool even the creator is not intended to.

Thanks for AVANIA solution on this “ponzi scheme model”. AVANIA serve other source of income for it players and the game development beside sell in game item, play the game, and staking the NFT. They will serve some Advertisement feature, and comic series too. To better understand about this model see the image below.

other source of income in AVANIA
Treasury model in AVANIA ecosystem

Feels more excited now?

Lets compare AVANIA and other games. See the image below.

comparison of AVANIA with other games

As we can see the big games like Axie still don’t have some of good point to be called good gaming ecosystem. It might be the chance for AVANIA to grow more bigger than any other games appear right now in their future. And its all can be completely done by good, strong team, good marketing, and good community interact too.

Talk about team member in AVANIA games too, they are not anonymous team like any scam game does. You can check their profile in AVANIA Whitepaper here.


In our summary about AVANIA games, this game might be a huge one in the future, with their strong competitive challenging gameplay, unique of NFTs, and their solution for several problem in blockchain game have, AVANIA can be a game that played by millions of users in the future.

To find more about AVANIA you can join the links below.

Telegram Link

Official Announcement https://t.me/avaniaofficial

Official Community https://t.me/avania_official

Local Thai Community https://t.me/avania_TH

Local Japan Community https://t.me/Avania_JP

Local Indonesia Community https://t.me/Avania_ID

Local India Community https://t.me/Avania_IN

Local Vietnam Community https://t.me/Avania_VN

Local Philippines Community https://t.me/Avania_PH

Local Bangladesh Community https://t.me/Avania_BD

Facebook Link


Medium Link


Discord Link


Youtube Link


White paper :


to be noted:

“This articles is make for entertainment purpose only, to help all the reader DYOR. all the data taken comes from AVANIA pitch deck and whitepaper,might be change in future by AVANIA team it self”

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